Recently we had the chance to sit and speak with Henry McLean, Co-founder and Marketing Director of 4ThePlayer, as we get closer to the date of their newest release – 4 Fantastic Lobsters.
4ThePlayer are a UK based slots creator founded back in 2018. Some of their most recent and popular releases include 4 Fantastic Fish, 5 Doggy Dollars and 3 Lucky Witches.

The Slots Corner – Welcome Henry. Could you start by telling us a little bit about the history of 4ThePlayer?

Henry McLean – Absolutely! When we formed 4ThePlayer we saw an opportunity for a different kind of games supplier, one that focused on quality over quantity and more importantly with a focus on the player!  We decided to fix that and 4ThePlayer was born 🙂 Fast forward to today and I am proud to say this really struck a coard with players and casinos alike and the games are going down a storm. 

4 Fantastic Lobsters 1

Henry McLean – Honestly, we knew we had something special with 4 Fantastic Fish, but its overwhelming success did surprise us a bit. 

I think the key to the success and why it did so fin-tastically is the Money Ways mechanic, as we have done away with collect symbols and you basically win what you see if it’s part of a ways win! This fixes the most common player frustration with these types of games, seeing a lot of cash you cannot win.

TSC – There are so many fish/water themed slots out there, was it easy to find a way of adding that 4ThePlayer touch to a game of this type?

Henry McLean – It was actually a casino that said we should do a fishing game, when they suggested it we immediately went to players to see what they loved and what they didn’t about the genre and how we could fix it. With all our games It’s about understanding what players want and then adding our own creative and player-centric twist.

Another big difference with 4ThePlayer compared to some other providers is we are players ourselves, so we understand those pain points as well as those magic moments! 

It always really surprised me how many game providers say they don’t play slots themselves or enjoy them.

4 Fantastic Lobsters 2

TSC – Are there any standout or returning features in 4 Fantastic Lobsters that we should be excited about?

Henry McLean – Oh, absolutely! Without giving away too much, players can expect a new additional bonus round where they can win the biggest prizes in the game. As well as some cheeky crabs that can suddenly crawl onto the reels and create wins. And of course, some of the player-favourite features from our Fabulous Fishing Series will be making a return, it really is a claw-some sequel.

TSC – We’ve noticed you have included the fixed odds prizes we’ve come to see in many of your great titles. Does it still excite you to see a player has achieved an Ultra?

Henry McLean – Every single time! It’s a thrilling experience for the player, and it’s just as thrilling for us to see someone hit it. It never gets old seeing players achieve that. In fact, we have some players that email us every time they get one and a few have ‘collected’ them all! 

4ThePlayer 1

TSC – Do you think we can we expect any more 4 Fantastic titles in the future? And are there any titles you are excited about over the coming months?

Henry McLean – The success of the 4 Fantastic Series has certainly opened the door for more titles in the future. While I can’t confirm anything just yet, let’s just say we have a few ideas in the 4ThePlayer lab. 

As for upcoming titles, we are just about to release 21 Thor Lightning Ways, in this game Thor can add multipliers to your wins all the way up to x100, it really is edge-of-seat excitement as you wait to see what he will do to any win! 

The Yeti is also making a comeback in 1k Yeti – this is a lower volatile game for us and is also a lines games, instead of the traditional Ways mechanic we normally use, I think it will broaden our appeal as there is now a Yeti for almost ever type of player – 9k, 90k and now 2k!

While on the subject of Yeti’s keep an eye on your local pub or club machine in the UK as soon 9k Yeti will be appearing there too. 

Lots going on at 4ThePlayer 🙂

Thanks again to Henry for joining us. 4 Fantastic Lobsters is due to be released network wide on the 2nd November 2023.


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